Hula Hottie

Hula Hottie

Sophia is a pro at moving her body.

"I'm really good with the hula hoop and dancing. I guess you could say I know how to use my hips."

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they move their hips.

"If you see the way I dance or do tricks with the hula hoop you can tell that I'm a good lay. I have rhythm and my movements are fluid. I look for the same kind of skills in guys. It's all about body language. If a guy is a good dancer I know he'll probably be able to rock my world. But I don't discriminate against guys that aren't such great dancers, so long as they let loose and have fun and don't care what other people think. Being that uninhibited is also a turn-on for me, because they're probably fun in bed."

See her hula, see her hump.

"What you see me doing with my hips with a hula hoop is the same thing I do when I ride a guy. I love to…

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Featuring: Sophia Sutra
Date: November 20th, 2009
Duration: 52

Member Comments

8 years ago 
Yes, Sophia you are getting good with the dancing indeed!!!
8 years ago 
Sophia, you are now my favorite girl here!!! Is there a way to send email to you?

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