Two Cheers For Cock

Two Cheers For Cock

In the Nov. '09 issue, Sophia told us she knows how to move her hips.
Now she's proving it. She's a pro with the hula hoop and a cheerleader to boot, so we had no reason to doubt that she knows what to do with her body. By just looking at her you can tell that Sophia can have any guy she wants. But the popular cheerleader is going for the geek. "I wanted to wow him with my pussy."

But why do you want to do a nerd?
"I've had popular guys before. Now I want to try someone a little more humble. This nerd probably hasn't gotten much action so I bet I can get him super horny."

Revenge of the Nerds is actually one of Sophia's favorite movies.
Every nerd has his day, and today is this nerd's lucky fucking day. "When I saw that movie I knew I had to try dork dick. I was tired of banging football players who plowed through my pussy like they were making a mad dash for the end zone. Sorry guys, not my idea of a touchdown. I wanted to have sex with a guy who would appreciate my body and be passionate. So I asked this guy, who's in my math class, to come over to help me study. I had planned all along to get in his pants. I figured it wouldn't be too hard, and it wasn't! When he got here we studied for a bit and then I did some of my cheerleading routine for him. I made sure to kick my legs up really high so he could see my panties. I noticed he had a boner so I gave him a meat check."

What exactly is a meat check, Sophia?
"It's when you grab the guy's cock to see what he's packing. And ohmigosh, this guy was packing something big! I think he was a virgin, too. A virgin guy with a big cock? I hit the jackpot! I was so turned on I think I gave him the best blow job I've ever given. Even though he was rock hard in my mouth, he was putty in my hands. I got on top of him and slid down his cock nice and slow while asking him if he liked that. He didn't have to answer; I could tell by his face and his moans that he did. He really liked it when we did doggie-style and reverse cowgirl. He must be an ass man. He lasted a long time, too. I was really impressed. From now on I'm strictly sticking to dork dick."
Featuring: Sophia Sutra and Commando
Date: January 25th, 2010
Photos: 45

Member Comments

5 years ago 

@m3151607, There is no video to this scene.

5 years ago 


6 years ago 

Wow very nice girl. bring her back for more !!!! Love to see her get fucked bij Jimmy Dix !!!

12 years ago 

I sure would like to see the video from this shoot. Where is
it? Nice set of a fine girl.

13 years ago 

Sophia, your fine young body and firm high tits are second to none!!!

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