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So Tight

Featuring: Star Green and Sergio
Date: November 25th, 2010
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Star says that she's got the tightest pussy around..guaranteed! That sounds pretty tempting, but how's a guy supposed to know if it's true or not? There's really only one way to find out. "Well of course I'm going to let him stick it in. I wouldn't expect him to believe how tight my pussy is until he got to experience it for himself. I've only had sex a couple of times, and every time the guy told me that my pussy was the tightest he's ever felt. One guy even said that I was so snug it felt like he was fucking an ear or something!" Star was featured in our movie Cherry Picked. So what will Star do when she comes across a huge cock? Will she shrink back in fear? Will she run the other way? Her tight, inexperienced teenage pussy can only take so much man-meat,right? "I'm up for the challenge. If I ever meet a guy with a really huge cock I'll just make sure that he eats my pussy and fingers me for a long time before he sticks it in. And he'll have to go slow! I masturbated once with a huge dildo, and I was able to take all of it. It just took some time. But I felt so tight it was almost like my pussy was trying to suck it back in when I pulled it out! I can take it really deep when I spoon with a guy." While Star's pussy is still getting used to having cocks in it, Star has found that one position allows her to get filled up all the way and pounded hard.

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November 26, 2010
Stars pussy may be tight, but those tits are YOUNG AND FIRM AND HIGH!!! THE FINEST!!!

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