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Slick Slit

Featuring: Star Green
Date: August 22nd, 2011
Photos: 40
Have you ever thought about growing out your pubes? We need more bushy girls! "Ew. No way. That's like, for Eighties porn. No one has a bush now. I like my pussy hairless. I feel like it's cleaner and looks prettier." What made you first decide to start shaving your pussy? "I never liked having body hair. Plus, all of my friends would talk about how they shaved their pussies. And I would hear guys at school talking about how they liked it when girls shaved, so I thought it was the normal thing to do. I didn't know that everyone used to have a bush up until a few years ago." If a guy asked you to grow out your bush for him, would you do it? "Um, I guess if I liked him a lot and we were fucking on a regular basis. I don't see why he would want me to though.

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