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Featuring: Stella May
Date: May 26th, 2014
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Stella's stress reliever! When Stella walked in she looked instantly comfortable. A lot of girls are nervous when they take nude pics for the first time in our studio. We asked her about her laid back attitude. "Whenever I'm nervous I like to take a few moments, breathe and have a quick cum. I used to do it in school all the time before big tests. I would walk down to the bathroom and just rub myself until I came. My hands don't smell like pussy afterwards because I don't put them inside. I like it better rubbing little circles on my clit. That's what makes me cum the fastest." So what's your favorite position? "Doggie-style! If the guy has just the right-sized dick it will hit my G-spot and make me squirt! Plus, I can reach right under myself and rub my clitty while he's fucking me from behind. That's the position I was in when I came seven times in a row!" You call yourself an exhibitionist.

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April 28, 2017
I like her face.

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