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Totally Naughty

Featuring: Tania Ramirez
Date: March 26th, 2011
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Tania, are you a nice girl or a naughty girl? "I'm totally naughty. Who wants to be nice? That's boring! I don't mean to be such a bad girl, but I don't do well when other people tell me what to do. I like doing what I want. My parents sent me to a boarding school when I was younger because I was sneaking out and I got a lip piercing. Little did they know that the girls at the boarding school were even more naughty than I was! They weren't exactly a good influence on me either." How were they a bad influence on you? "I went to the boarding school a virgin (well, barely a virgin) and left a total slut. The girls would sneak boys into their rooms, and I started having lots of sex because of that. I had sex with some girls, too. I don't think that would've happened if I hadn't gone to that school." What've you done lately that's naughty? "I joined a sorority that's known for being super slutty. To get in, you have to get a tattoo in a very naughty place, and you have to fuck two guys at once. And I was more than happy to do both!".

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