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Hump Day

Featuring: Tanner Mayes
Date: August 25th, 2011
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Hey, Tanner. What are you doing getting naked in the kitchen? "Every Wednesday I do the dishes, and if my parents aren't home I like to do them naked. Just 'cause everything is more fun when you're naked, especially boring chores! If I don't wash the dishes then my parents don't let me go out later on. And Wednesday is hump day, which means that my boyfriend and I reserve every Wednesday for fucking! So I make sure to wash those dishes good!" Tell us more about this hump day, Tanner. "Well, people call Wednesday hump day because it's the middle of the week. Like, if the week is a hill, by Wednesday you'd be at the top of the hump. My boyfriend and I decided to give a new meaning to that phrase. A more literal meaning. So every Wednesday we make sure to have sex no matter what. Sometimes we'll even plan to do it in public places beforehand, like the park or at the beach or even at the mall.

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