Pull My Pigtails

Pull My Pigtails

You don't have to worry about hurting Tatiana. She's a tough girl.

She's not tender-headed, either. Nothing makes her squeal like getting her pigtails tugged on during sex. "I get off on a little bit of pain with sex. I think hair-pulling is so hot."

Bite her. Spank her.

She likes anything that's a little bit rough and playful. "If a guy bites my neck and smacks my ass till it's red I will moan and purr and my pussy will drip like a leaky water faucet."

To get things started, eat her pussy like you're in a pie-eating contest.

Lick it, straight-up porno style. Go crazy. Don't hold back. Tatiana can take it. In fact, she wants it that way. "Alright, this is what you have to do: Lick my clit fast and suck it good and hard. And don't forget to put your finger in my pussy and fuck me with it like it was your dick. Keep nibbling on my clit, then…

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Featuring: Tatiana Brown
Date: August 28th, 2009
Photos: 66

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9 years ago 
Tatiana set me off into a masturbatory frenzy the likes of which I have rarely known.

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