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Sorority Slut

Featuring: Teagan Summers
Date: January 28th, 2011
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Are sorority girls really sluts, Teagan? "Hell yeah! Don't let them fool you; the rumors are true. I'd say about 85 percent of sorority girls are sluts who love cock..and pussy. At least all the ones that I know do!" In Dec. '10 you posed with Isabella. You two still dating? "Oh, yeah. I love that girl! And since then we've done some more kinky stuff like three-ways and lezzie orgies. I love that we can both share a cock and have oral sex with other girls and it's cool. We're having the total college experience, complete with lots of sex!" How did the three-way go? You weren't a virgin to cock then, were you? "Oh, no way! I'd fucked guys before. The three-way was so hot! We live in a coed dorm so we invited some guy who lives on our floor to our room. Then we just ripped off his clothes and took turns sucking his cock.

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