Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition

"I dyed my hair 'cause blondes have more fun!"
Tessa is already tan, busty, slim and cute. All she needed was blonde hair to become a total bombshell. Now that she's sporting platinum locks, she's not just having more fun; Tessa's getting way more cum, too. "I guess gentlemen do prefer blondes! I always got attention from guys even when I was a brunette, but now it's like I have to fight guys off with a stick!"

She'll admit she likes the attention.
"People say it like it's a bad thing. I mean, who doesn't like attention? If a bunch of girls were going crazy over a guy's cock, he'd love it! Anyway, the attention makes me horny so I don't think guys should stop giving it to me. Before I dyed my hair I was a prude. But then when I became blonde so many guys started asking me out that I decided to give them a chance. That led to me having sex, and now I always want it."

She went blonder and got bolder.
"I was way more shy before. Now I don't wait for the guy to make a move. I go right for his cock."

It's amazing what a bottle of peroxide can do.
"I feel so hot and horny now. It's like I've had a sexual awakening! I love to fuck, and when I do I don't hold back. I moan and bite and tell the guy exactly how to fuck my pussy. Going blonde was a great idea!"

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Featuring: Tessa Taylor
Date: February 5th, 2010
Photos: 56

Member Comments

6 months ago 

Tessa is drop dead gorgeous

13 years ago 

Oh,Tessa, you are THE older man's young blonde dream come TRUE!!! There is nothing finer than a young blonde, and YOU are now the best young blonde around here!!! How may I offer my Sugar Daddy services to you??? I'll buy you everything!!!

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