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Blown Fawn

Featuring: Tiffani Lovely
Date: November 25th, 2013
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Tiffani's got a little crush on the pool man.. When we last saw her in Feb. '12, Tiffani was showing off her pussy by the pool. She told us then that she loved lying naked outside, but now we know she had an ulterior motive. "I was trying to get the pool guy to notice me. He's pretty hot and I've been lonely since I broke up with my boyfriend." We would notice you in a heartbeat! "Thanks! After a few times of him coming over and finding me at least half-naked, I think he started to get the message. He asked me once if I was shy about him seeing my boobs but I told him I didn't mind since I wanted him to look." Such a naughty girl! Did he like that? Have you shown him more since? "Oh, he definitely did. He always wore these khaki work pants and I could see the bulge growing in his pants whenever he came near me. I know that's a sure-fire way to know he's enjoying the view. The next time he came by, I asked him to wait a little because I really wanted to go for a swim.

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April 03, 2015
Tiffani is so alluring :)

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