Fit For Fucking

Fit For Fucking

Do you like to workout, Vanessa?
"Yes, I do. I've always been active. Exercising just makes me feel better. I get so many benefits from it. I stay healthy, fit and horny! I really think that exercising is the key to feeling sexy. It keeps your body in shape so you feel confident, and I read somewhere that it makes you want to have sex and helps you last longer when you do. It seems to be working for me. And I find that one of the best times to have sex is right after you workout when you're all hot and sweaty."

What's so great about post-workout sex?
"I think it's the subtle smell of the other person's sweat and that post-workout high that you're already feeling. It triggers some kind of animal magnetism in our brains or something and it just makes sex feel so good."

What's your favorite kind of exercise?
"I like to run and do yoga and lift weights. But sex is definitely my favorite form of exercise. It's intense, it gets your heart rate up, it feels amazing,…

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Featuring: Vanessa Cage
Date: July 30th, 2010
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12 years ago 
Loving those areolas!

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