Dirty Girl

Are you washing up for anything special, Vanessa?
"I'm going to my friend's house, and we're probably going to fool around. I like to make sure my pussy is clean and shaven just in case. I should probably also mention that my friend is a girl. We don't always hook up, but sometimes we do. It's totally cool and casual 'cause it's a real friends with benefits situation. We can talk about hooking up with other people and there's no awkwardness or jealousy between us. I've even hooked up with her roommate before, this cute guy Josh."

Would you ever have a three-way with them?
"No way. I mean, I would, but my girlfriend wouldn't go for it. She's totally a lesbian. Although the other day he did catch us fooling around. Her door wasn't locked and he came in. I jumped behind her dresser, and she was hiding under the covers. And the strapon dildo on the bed gave us away for sure."

How did you like using the strap-on?
"It was cool! That was actually my first time using…

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Featuring: Vanessa Cage
Date: May 30th, 2011
Photos: 40

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