Dr. Feelgood

Venessa likes men in lab coats.
That's why her pussy got wet the second this doctor walked into the examination room. What was supposed to be a routine check up turned into a very detailed physical exam.

She knew what she was doing all along.
Usually you're allowed to keep your underwear on underneath the paper gown. "I got completely naked under that slip because I knew I wanted to get it on with a doctor. When he listened to my heartbeat I let my tittie slip out."

What else did you do to seduce this doctor?
"Once I'd let my tittie out, I saw that he got a chubby. I was like, 'Okay, he's into it.' So I spread my legs a little and showed him that I didn't have any panties on. He was still hesitant because, afterall I was a patient, but when I grabbed his bulge and licked my lips all the doubt was gone. I blew him and then he explored my whole body with his tongue. When we did it on the examination chair, it was so hot. He hit my sweet spot perfectly and I came…

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Featuring: Vanessa Lee and J.T.
Date: July 7th, 2009
Photos: 68

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10 years ago 
Vanessa Lee's ass in this shoot was made for a rectal thermometer! What an ass! Perfect, round and succulent! Damn, I can't believe that the people who set this shoot up didn't find it just titillating and erotic to show off Vanessa's "assets" by shoving a rectal thermometer up her butt hole in this pictorial. I mean she was at "Dr. Feelgood's" right? What better way to show the Docs' appreciation and concern for his lovely charge than by spreading her ass cheeks and burying a good old fashion rectal glass mercury thermometer up her ass and taking her temperature! So many opportunities passed up.

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