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Oozing Cooter

Date: July 30th, 2012
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Zoey, where do you have sex most of the time? "Sometimes my boyfriend sneaks me into his room, or I'll sneak him into mine. His mom totally hates me because she caught us fucking in his room once, so that's why we have to sneak around." When you're in his room, do you have to keep quiet? "Yes, definitely. If I get too loud then his mom will hear and go crazy. Sometimes it's really tough, 'cause he'll be fucking me really hard with his balls slapping my ass and everything, and all I want to do is scream and moan. But I can't, so I'll bite my lip or bury my face in a pillow. I can't wait till I move out so I can be as loud and crazy as I want." His mom never suspects that he sneaks you in? "I don't think so. We're careful. But he did tell me that she asked him why his sheets were dirty with white stuff! She probably thinks it's just his cum, but little does she know it's my cum, too!" .

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